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 Flags for level 5

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Level 5 should get these commands?
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PostSubject: Flags for level 5   Thu Jul 22, 2010 1:32 pm

Most members have found the inconvenience of being level 5; being unable to rename or warn an impostor and also unable to start a training session.

The following commands should be added to level 5; reasons are provided alongside.

!rename -> In the case of an impostor an admin is able to rename the target.

!warn -> If a player begins to disobey the code of conduct( BattleGrangering, Spam, Intentionally TK, etc.)

!devmap -> Mentors and their apprentices may want a training session, so instead of having 1 of the 4 admins to get online, they can start it by themselves.

!namelog -> To find the IP of the impersonator, or hacker and have him/her kicked then banned when a level 9+ is on.

!kick -> To make it easier to kick someone, rather than to have to call the vote and passvote it.

Reasons for your vote are appreciated.


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Flags for level 5
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