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 Guide To ACR

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PostSubject: Guide To ACR   Mon Aug 16, 2010 9:04 pm


ACR, ACRitís, and Ranks:
From what I can see ACR is basically divided into two parts, ACR and ACRit's("it" stands for "In Training"). Full ACR are allowed to wear the S> tag while ACRit's can not. For an ACRit to become an ACR he/she needs to take a test.

Rules of The Test:

  1. No ghosting

  2. The teams must be consisted of 2 players. The ACRit team must have two ACRit's and the ACR team must have one Scrimmer and one Elite (or 2 Elites or 1 Elite and 1 Scrimmer).

  3. You may not attack the other team's base unless both players are in it or your team reaches Stage 3.

  4. The winner is not based on the team that wins. The team could win but fail the test.

  5. Camping period is maxed to a total of 6 minutes, this timer is not reset if you leave base. Until a team reaches Stage 3 this rule is put into effect.

  6. The team of testers must not include mentors of the applicants.

Now for ACR. Once you get to become a full ACR member you'll get some better rights, for example you'll get 999 on Admin Crazy Rioters. . But not only that, you get the privilege of pursuing a new goal/rank, the E> rank, meaning Elite rank. That is the highest achievable rank. Once you have gotten the Elite rank, you stop. There are other ranks you can get though. As in B> for builder rank, SC> for scrim captain (Which may be unavailable) etc... Ranks are very important to show what skills you have to other clan members. And that's about enough said for ranks.

Mentor: One other privilege you get from being a full ACR is the right to mentor. This is what it means to be a mentor. As a mentor you are allowed to get a student or mentee. As a mentor towards a mentee you have to train them strongly and hard so that they can pass the Scrim Test and become a full ACR member. Our member M>{ACR}Atlantis is the mentor cordinator, so therefore it's his job to make sure who's mentor is who's mentee.

The Forum and In-Game Rules:
Now about the rules in general on our servers and the forums. As I can tell (and for some strange reason) we ABSOLUTLY HATE IT WHEN SOMEONE DOUBLE-POSTS. I did that once and I will never forget how many members screamed at me for doing so... Then after that it's basically just make your app in the correct section for the correct reason (otherwise you'll sound retarded). In the servers our rules are different of course. No hacking (thatís a surprise, never heard of any other servers that allows it) no impersonating ACR, no spamming (although I heard this one might be scratched off the list) no insulting BugHuman in any ways shape or form (that's a big no-no) and play fairly. If you want to find out more rules, just go on ACR Unlimited and type !Info Rules. And for your sake, do NOT take these rules lightly, it will cost you.

And that is basically a small guide for ACR.
Hope this is usefull Smile

Iíll make more detailed oneís later focusing on specific topics, but until then, this is what I have.


Getting better people! All I really need is right now is some ACR history. Can anyone (old members preferable) PM me some stories or anything from the past?



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Guide To ACR
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