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All Testing Decisions Will Be Made By The Second In Commands.

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 Whats going on :)

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PostSubject: Whats going on :)   Mon Nov 10, 2008 8:36 pm

Oh hey guys. Alot of you know me as Drebin the asshole or Drebin the abuser.

Bah...I honestly dont care anymore. The fact is....The new server? Less Abuse More Fun? Total lie Smile Night and Mario are just sitting there abusing to no end. Pausing the game for no reason. And muting people for no reason. Without warn.

I dont care whatever you have against huck.
Thats huck. I'm someone else.
If you have a problem with any other A&V members. Take it to them not me.

I'm still in ACR and i have nothing to say except these admins really need some cleaning up
I dont want admin to be honest. Not anymore.

I dont disrupt the environment. People get pissed off at me but so what. They deserve it
I'm a blunt person. Deal with it.

I dont have anything against Bughuman. But im not gonna sit there and kiss his ass.
If ACR hates me so damn much i wonder why I'm not perma banned.

Honestly there are a few good ACR members out there I like to hang out with. But there are immature ones sitting there muting each other like its a damn contest. Disrupting the environment more than aimbotters and hackers. afro

Well i dont care about any of your opinions. There just needs to be assertive admins like lito and linux. Bug i know you're busy with school. But just take about an hour or 2 to sort stuff out.

Well im out...Nice seeing you guys...And im still in ACR :3 farao afro lol!
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PostSubject: Re: Whats going on :)   Tue Nov 11, 2008 2:27 am

LOL Drebin i didn't know that !PG meant PAUSE GAME its not my fault Exclamation I figured it was some weird CP Command that bug made. Honestly ive never seen !PG used for pause game i mean ive seen !PAUSE for PAUSE GAME but thats about it Exclamation
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Whats going on :)
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