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 Admin Abuse. Big one. And a complain too.

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Private 2
Private 2

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PostSubject: Admin Abuse. Big one. And a complain too.   Thu Oct 02, 2008 1:28 pm

Under disguise, I watched how some admin (whose name I won't tell, but it starts with 'R' and finishes with 'eaper') committed big abuse:

We were playing on Nexus. I was aliens with some other guy; the admin (yes, I say 'the admin' because I'm not an admin anymore) was humans with some other guy. Well, hummies almost won because my teammate fed and left me alone, and so did another one. However, a good player appeared and saved the day (for aliens), even though we were in minute 29. Somehow the tables are turned and hummies are losing. They ran out of credits. Beginning the last minute I callvote (as always) to "extend time". It passes. But instead of doing !tloff he does nothing even though we all (4 people out of 7 who voted F1) were complaining. Timelimit. His reason for not to turn TL off: Bug told him not to change time (but he changed SD time to 60). That can be true, but I bet my ass he knows how to turn TL on. I actually told him this latter and then I got kicked (without any warning throughout the game). WTF?

C'mon. He might be one of the oldest members of the clan but he's committing big abuse. Specially against the 'new ones to the server', who might tell their friends NOT to play in ACR because of admin abuse (which would explain why, since I temporarily left Tremulous there wasn't too many people there as there used to be). Something should be done about this. Same with Waffles and Muffinz. He changes everything (like stages, SD and TL, reverses when he's losing) withouth telling the others (and reversing). But when I reverse what he does he kicks me without any warning or anything.

I'm starting to think I really need my admins back. C'mon Bug?
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First Lieutenant
First Lieutenant

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PostSubject: Re: Admin Abuse. Big one. And a complain too.   Sat Nov 22, 2008 7:21 am

Your Rigt Lit... I Abuse sometiems Too but now im Alwais Calling vote first...
And About less players is right too...
I joined ACR becasue of the numbers of players Online on server...
But nOw The Highest Number of the day is just: 7!
Well my highest ever seen is 14...
But Som Months/Years before Most online was like 20/30...
Really bad that total number of people..
But maby also becasue som1 needs to b online there so evrey1 can see the server...
I have Emty server not showing off so i can see server alwais..
But there are people wo dont have that...
And Im almost only Europiean Admin online everyday..(atleast my time zone)
At 19.00 evening OTher admins come online but at that time i alwais quit...
Well this was my story!

Of to Tremulous Now!! Bye BBye Folks!
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Admin Abuse. Big one. And a complain too.
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